Quarzite - Santo Tomé

Quarzite has different types, depending the combination with other minerals. One of them is Santo Tomé, a yellow colored stone whose name comes from the place where is extracted. Santo Tomé is originated from sandstone in a geological process of high heating and pressurization that makes it a very hard and durable rock. Its incredible strength and anti-slip quality makes it ideal for flooring applications. Other important characteristic is that this stone does not retain heat. Therefore, it can be used in areas exposed to direct sunlight (leisure areas, swimming pool edges, etc.).


For flooring and revetments, is suggested in this sizes (mm) 150 x 300, 180 x 370, 370 x 370, 370 x 470, 470 x 470 and for ornamental retaining walls in (mm) 400 x 200 x 200.